Fri 8 Jun 2018

Introducing… Tom Misch


Experimental singer-songwriter, producer, DJ and musician Tom Misch creates a diverse collection of tunes that dip into various genres from jazz and soul to chilled hip-hop and sparkly disco.

He began uploading demos on SoundCloud five years ago at the age of 16 and now, with 204K followers on the platform, his online fanbase is coming at the masses. These listeners congregated naturally though as he never set out to reach as many people as he has and is still as modest as ever.

His musical path began from a young age, growing up in a musically active household with a violinist father and siblings who picked up various instruments too. It was due to one of his sisters abandoning her guitar when he was nine that lead him to mastering it along with banjo and bass later on. His sister Laura even features in track ‘Follow’ playing the saxophone, and this was picked up by YouTube channel Majestic Casual (which shares up-and-coming musician’s songs) and gained him mass recognition with 2 million views to date.

In 2016 his tour across the UK, Europe and America featured multiple sold out dates, and even dates of his upcoming November tour have sold out already so don’t miss out!

Tom Misch tickets available here!
Website –
Facebook – /tommisch123
Twitter –  @TomMisch

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