Tue 12 Jun 2018

Introducing… The Manor


Three-piece rap group The Manor formed in 2007 after they met at college in South London, sharing a love for grime and hip hop. Their lyrics cover the expected hedonistic topics, while also delving into the subjects of injustice in our society, from racism to class, showing their stance on cultural issues.

Their debut mixtape Welcome To The Manor in 2011 quickly established a strong fanbase, and was followed up by Free Mixtapes Don’t Pay The Rent and Don’t Do What We Did three years ago. The later was intended to be their final closing collection, however the mass reception it received made the trio reconsider.

They caught the eye of Parlophone Records (Gorillaz, Rat Boy, Tinie Tempah), who then implored them to release their first EP Weak Days, Strong Nights in 2016. They have since released a handful of singles; the most recent being summer-ready rap anthem ‘Tyson Fury’.

Alt hip hop group The Street’s own Mike Skinner has even taken a shine to their dynamic attitude and fast beats as they have been invited on tour with them in 2019. Prior to this, you can catch The Manor at their own headlining shows this October.

The Manor tickets available here!
Facebook – /TheManorOfficial
Twitter –  @_themanor

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