Fri 8 Jun 2018

Introducing… The Grahams


Alyssa and Doug Graham took their relationship to the next level in 2013 when they decided to join forces in regards to their musical talents. Together they channel their self-expression through music, film making, writing and storytelling.  The couple, who are originally from New York, have been performing together since they were teenagers but decided to up sticks and travel across America to gain influence from local culture to perfect their country-rock/Americana-folk sound.

They have released four albums so far, with their debut Riverman’s Daughter spending 12 weeks in the Top 40 charts in 2013. The album’s tour saw them perform over 100 shows, including three weeks in Australia.

In regards to their traveling, the band they “Our methodology is to follow the paths and revisit the places that inspired our predecessors, not because we want to imitate them or faithfully reproduce their work, but because we are looking for the modern echo of older sounds, and hope to give shape to these enduring reverberations. Nothing can serve that methodology better than riding the rails.”

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