Thu 7 Jun 2018

Introducing… Mt. Desolation


Mt. Desolation began as Keane members Tim Rice-Oxley and Jesse Quin’s side side project in 2010. The pair had no intention release any music, but eight years later have found themselves putting out their second studio album.

After a conversation in Dublin surrounded by folk music, they both decided they wanted to write a country album but never expected this to go any further. Assisted by members of Mumford & Sons, Noah & The Whale and The Killers, the album was released in October that same year. Together the overall six-piece created an alt-country sound that still represents each of these bands’ backgrounds.

Their new album When The Night Calls has been in the works for four years and was finally released in May. This album is a darker, more brooding affair than its Americana-tinged predecessor, and something far more personal. The lyrical thread which runs through When The Night Calls is a loss of freedom, and that nagging self-doubt that establishes itself at a point where one is expected to simply grow-up and face responsibilities. These are songs of weight and purpose, warm and exquisitely shaped. The record is a fascinating reminder of why Tim is recognised as such a distinguished British songwriter, and why Jesse has been writing and performing his deftly crafted songs of yearning and hope for almost as long.

Tim Rice-Oxley: “Mt. Desolation is as much about hanging out with our friends and the joy of playing music in a room together, as it is about actually having a recording to listen back to.”

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