Tue 5 Jun 2018

Introducing… Moon Taxi


“We can come together, we won’t give up on the fight,” sings Nashville’s Moon Taxi on their smash single ‘Two High’ a song that catapulted them to the top of the streaming charts and the forefront of the national stage. Filled with emotive vocals, a percussive beat and some unexpected, infectious horns, it’s a track that shows the band venturing into more adventuresome territory than ever.

The indie-rock quintet formed in 2006 while members Trevor Terndrup (vocals, guitar), Tommy Putnam (bass), Spencer Thomson (guitar, programming), Tyler Ritter (drums), and Wes Bailey (keys) were at university. ‘Two High’, the band’s newest single, has topped over 60 million streams on Spotify and made heavy rotation on SiriusXM. Written in response to the push for peace, but not reacting to the politics, of the Women’s March this past January, it’s a song that encourages listeners to keep looking for a positive way forward – from their own internal battles, to the ones suffered by the world at large.

It’s perhaps due to Moon Taxi’s inspired, inclusive worldview when it comes to their music that they’ve been able to have songs featured as the soundtrack to multiple commercial and TV placements, from BMW, Nashville, MLB and NFL to HBO Sports.

Fearlessly melding rock with pop hooks, clever synths and roots touchstones gleaned from their home in Music City, Moon Taxi’s forthcoming fifth record and first for RCA will find the five-piece doing what they do best: coming together and fighting for music that triumphs above all. Catch them in London on 9th July!

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