Fri 29 Jun 2018

Introducing… Leon Vynehall


DJ and producer Leon Vynehall is inspired by everything from video game soundtracks to his family’s stories, causing for unique and experimental pieces of music that captivate anyone who listens.

He has released a multitude of mixes, singles and EPs in the six years he has been creating music, with 2014’s Music For The Uninvited being his biggest breakthrough. Influenced by the cassettes his mother would play on the drive to school, Music For The Uninvited has old funk and hip hop undertones. Resident Advisor even stated “Vynehall has created one of the most eclectic and rewarding house records you’ll hear all year.”

His debut full-length album Nothing Is Still was released two weeks ago. It strays from his expected sound, which is categorised as house, as he takes a more ambient approach to this more sensitive release. Nothing Is Still was inspired by his grandparents’ own love story as they traveled from the south east of the UK to New York in the 60s. Although he is known for using samples such as bird song, footsteps and planes, this release takes his experimental sound a step further as he uses a 10-piece string section, a flute and a piano to create the atmospheric noises that drives this epic adventure.

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