Thu 7 Jun 2018

Introducing… Killy


Canadian rapper Killy has over 78.3k SoundCloud followers with just 19 tracks on the platform and has caught the eye of Vice among other influential publications, showing he’s only just gotten started.

Things immediately took off for the artist after the release of his explosive single ‘Kilimanjaro’ in February 2017. The video, which only cost £300 to make and was filmed at house party, now has over 17 million views on YouTube and contributed to his ever-growing online presence.

Never finding his place growing up, Killy has turned things around for himself in the past year, and has followed up on the success of ‘Kilimanjaro’ with debut full-length trap album Surrender Your Soul. The 11-track album is bursting with catchy hooks and memorable touching upon his disbelief at his new glamorous lifestyle.

Despite rising from the platform where his mass following began, he strongly denounces the amateurish title of “SoundCloud rapper” with Fader agreeing that he has “a better ear for melody and composition than most artists working in those genres, and his lyrics are distinguished too.” conveying Killy is setting himself apart on many more levels.

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