Mon 11 Jun 2018

Interview with… Five Star


The legendary 80s pop group Five Star are returning for their greatly anticipated show at London’s Islington Assembly Hall on Thursday 14th June. We spoke to their original lead vocalist Denise Pearson to find out more about their plans for this huge show!

Are you excited about playing at London’s Islington Assembly Hall?

I’m ecstatic!! It’s a great fantastic venue! We will be performing Five Star tunes that have not been heard live since our 1987 Ultra bright Tour✨

  • Have you played there before?

I’m sure we have played this venue a few times; if not with Five Star then with Thriller Live.

  • Who are the new members you’ll be performing with?

The 4 new members with whom I will be performing are good friends and family who have the highest regard for the Five Star legacy. One member is my 2nd cousin Duane Pearson, who has just finished work on the new Star Wars set! ?

  • How did you all meet?

One member I met through Stedman when he was putting some shows together for his solo project several years ago and the two girls were auditioned. I think it was their amazing personalities that won me over along with their dance technique. The two have to fit hand in hand.✨

  • What big hits are on your setlist?

Wooo, okay we have ‘Whenever You’re Ready’, ‘Find the Time’, ‘RSVP’ and many more! ✨✨ Not only the originals, but remix versions pulled straight from the Definitive Anthology Box Set available next month.

Have you got a favourite song to perform?

I have so many Five Star favourites but I think having worked with Tito Jackson on Over to Mrs Browns Boys and Vintage Tv I have put together a ridiculous Mash Mix Of MJ’s 2Bad and I Want You Back. Now that’s my fave to perform right now. ??

  • Can we expect the same iconic dance routines or costumes?

Absolutely, iconic dance routines and sparkly sequin costumes! ✨???

  • When will the new album The Definitive Anthology 1984-1991 be released?

This will be released next month. The limited editions have just sold out but there is still a chance to grab the Basic Box. 

  • What’s next for Five Star?

We are in the middle of recording a new Five Star album and have brought back one of the songwriters who wrote ‘If I Say Yes’ and ‘The Slightest Touch Mr Michael Jay’. We have come up with some amazing tracks. Also an Autumn Tour is in the pipelines with UK’s biggest Your company SJM ✨ Loads to look forward to. ??✨

  • Have you got any messages for your fans?

I love you guys, let’s keep the theme tunes to our lives alive and kicking for many years to come ✨  let’s make June 14th the Start Of Forever! ❌♥

Tickets for the Five Star show at London Islington Assembly Hall on Thursday 14th June are on sale now and available HERE

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Twitter –  @5starofficial

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