Mon 14 May 2018

Review… The K’s at Gorilla, Manchester

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The K’s

I walked into an already bouncing room at Gorilla- everyone jumping around and enjoying the music from the first band, Narrow Margin. Perfect for summer, the upbeat sound of the band sweeping over the venue as the group engaged with the audience.


Theatrical and bold electronic music is what Young walked on stage to. Their music mirrored this electronic influence and added dynamic vocals, showcasing rap influences and hip-hop undertones. The band engaged with the crowd, regularly speaking in between songs and coming forward into the audience near the end of the set.


Melodic piano music set the scene for The K’s, provoking cheers from the room as they knew the band were soon to arrive on stage. The group opened with a lively song, capturing the venue with their upbeat indie music. Continuing with their soon-to-be-released single Got a Feeling, encouraged even more dancing from the buzzing room, everyone excited to hear the new track, this was followed by an older track, sang along by the excited room. Mixing up the set, the front man of the band used an acoustic guitar during a slower song, displaying his dynamic vocal and sincere lyrics. Offering a complete contrast, the band went on to cover a Town Called Malice, encouraging a bouncing sing along from the audience as multiple beers flew in the air. The enthusiastic atmosphere in the room was infectious, the band radiated energy while the audience chanted, “The K’s, The K’s are on Fire”.

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