Wed 30 May 2018

Interview with… Zach Said


Prior to his show at Manchester’s Soup Kitchen, we spoke to singer-songwriter Zach Said to see what fans can expect…

  • Are you looking forward to playing at Soup Kitchen in June?

YES! It’s my first time playing a headline slot in Manchester so can’t wait! Plus someone told me about a sick Turkish restaurant there so that’s a big plus.

  • Is this your first time playing Manchester?

Not the first, I supported Sampa The Great there a couple months ago. Such a great artist.

  • You’ve been gigging a lot in London recently; how do you think this will compare to playing down south?

London is sick, don’t get me wrong but you guys have cheaper beer and better raves.

  • How have fans responded to your new track ‘Money’?

I think they like it. Getting lots of messages saying its on repeat! My fans are great and I can’t wait to meet them on tour!

  • What was the inspiration behind that?

I was really skint – too skint to buy my girlfriend a birthday present so I wrote her a song instead. Pretty sure she would have preferred a present though…

  • If you could choose whose face went on a pound note, who would you pick?

Good question. Probably Batman, cause he is cool and protects the folk down in Gotham City for free. No one even says thank you. Think he deserves something.

  • What other songs can we expect you to play on this tour?

All the songs from my last EP, CONTRAST, as well as some new ones coming up on the next. Also we will definitely jam some covers.

  • If you could play any venue in the world, where would it be and why?

I’d say Wallmart. That kid yodel dude played there and he’s doing pretty well. Thought I’d hop on the trend.

  • Who is your dream to tour with one day?

Justin Timberlake. I’ll do anything. Email me.

  • What’s the best bit of advice that you’ve been given so far?

Enjoy the journey. Everyone is always trying to get to the next thing, never appreciating what they already have. Enjoy where you’re at because tomorrow will soon come.

Tickets available here!

Soundcloud – zach-said-music
Facebook – /ZachSaidMusic
Twitter –  @zachsaidmusic

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