Mon 9 Apr 2018

Review… OTHERKIN at Jimmy’s Manchester




Jimmy’s was undoubtedly the place to be on Thursday night as Otherkin made their triumphant return from Dublin and delivered an explosive set from start to finish.

Opening the night- and also acting as main support- was Liverpool band, Paris Youth Foundation. The 5 piece had no problem whatsoever warming the crowd up with their infectious riffs. Opening up with If You Wanna, the band produced a dreamy, indie rock sound which almost felt timeless. With energetic build ups and melodic vocal lines which sit perfectly above the back beat of the band, Paris Youth Foundation played other great tracks such as The Off Button, Lost Cause and their latest single, London. The band also fashioned a sharp image which reflected their gripping music perfectly. You can next catch the band at Sound City.

With the room already pumped up and bursting with adrenaline, Otherkin once again made their trademark walk on stage backed by a room-filling air raid siren- something that grabbed everyone’s attention. Going 100mph into their first track, Bad Advice, the band fitted perfectly with the intimacy of Jimmy’s as they bounced around the stage and occasionally into the crowd. With fast lead guitar hooks and a driving bass keeping the power of the band at an all time high, the crowd couldn’t help but dance and party- leading to a madness of pits, PA’s almost falling over, and the spirits of everyone in the room being higher than ever. Playing other crowd favourites such as ‘Come On, Hello’, ’89 and Enabler, it felt as if each song cascaded up in speed, resulting in the singer climbing on top of the bar and taking the crowd by storm. This was the second time I’ve seen Otherkin and the 4 piece, indie-punk-thrash love child of a band never fail to impress. Catch them in an intimate venue while you can.


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