Mon 16 Apr 2018

Review… Little Comets at Club Academy Manchester


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Little Comets

Hailing from Newcastle, Little Comets made a trip to Manchester as part of their tour. Since the formation in 2008 the band have seen success, releasing 4 albums- the latest, Worhead, being launched just last year. The band have a loyal following, which was definitely present at their sold out show .
Supporting Little Comets was Mattie Vant. Walking onstage and opening with a joke about his outfit drew the attention of the room towards him. Despite being on stage alone, the singer captured the buzz of excitement, which he spread across the room. His acoustic guitar paid compliment to his enriching vocals. Changing up the set, Mattie added an electronic backing to several of his songs, creating an infectious beat, with his powerful voice remaining at the forefront of his music. He then continued to mix up the set, using an electric guitar with occasional electronic influences, then swapping back to his acoustic setup nearing the end of his performance.
Bouncing with energy, the 5 piece band, began the night with a lively song. The enthusiasm from Little Comets was reflected by the audience, who couldn’t help but dance along to the music. Their style features an array of influences, with both underlying tones of pop and electronic genres, although they are classified as an indie band. Their songs feature powerful riffs and prominent vocals, which the audience had no problem singing along to. A Little Opus, an older song but crowd favourite none the less, had a particularly memorable riff, it created a fresh sound and it will be the perfect track to listen to on a warmer day going into the summer. Every song the band performed was met with a roar of cheers from the audience. The band then showcased their latest single M62, which was released earlier this year, the song creates an uplifting atmosphere, that swept over the entire venue as their fans immersed themselves in the new hit.
Little Comets are definitely a summer band- if band’s were to be seasonal- so get listening to them over the next few months!

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