Fri 13 Apr 2018

Review… Isaac Gracie at Gorilla Manchester


Isaac Gracie


Following a successful show at Deaf Institute in January, London based artist, Isaac Gracie, made his second trip to Manchester this year to perform at Gorilla. Last time I saw Isaac I was blown away by how much I enjoyed the gig, so it’s fair to say I was pretty excited to see him again.
Opening with Sweet 16, Matt Maltese started the night with a captivating piano sequence and drew in the attention of the entire room. He was joined by a band, who added smooth bass lines and steady drum beats. Using a piano to carry his music forward created an almost theatrical atmosphere within his dynamic songs. Continuing with a more emotive track, Less and Less, displayed another side of the artist, as he performed without the backing of his band, showcasing a rawer side to his music and his powerful voice, which the audience undoubtedly loved. The band closed with Greatest Comedian, featuring a prominent bassline and drum beat as Matt traded in his piano for a smaller electronic keyboard. The song was met with applause from the audience as Matt Maltese’s set came to an end.

As soon as Isaac Gracie walked on stage the room fell silent, the whole audience was drawn in by his mesmerizing presence that swept the room. Isaac began his set with All In My Mind, instantly hooking the entire room with the melodic track. His music is captivating: it’s not always something you’d dance to, but rather something to make you think. Isaac’s beautiful voice is the most prominent feature in all of his tracks, with the subtle backing of a band adding depth to the music. Continuing with Terrified- a song Isaac said is about being scared but then getting past it, adding he is “living proof”. Isaac’s heartfelt lyrics are relatable for almost anyone and it is understandable why his audience admire his work so much. Treating the room to One Night, a new song that had never previously been played live, created an excited buzz in the air as the whole crowd absorbed every note and listened to the meaningful lyrics. I love going to gigs where you don’t struggle to listen to the artist because everyone is so drawn into the music. Darkness Of The Day was another treat for the room, as Isaac rarely performs the track, despite saying he loves to. The song perfectly presents Isaac’s graceful lyrics and powerful vocals. Much of his music has a dark, ghostly undertone, creating a vibrantly eerie atmosphere. The Death Of You And I is a perfect example of this, it has an almost European style within the music and would easily stand out in any playlist. His set included other fan favourites, such as Silhouettes Of You before closing with his most popular song Reverie, encouraging an enthusiastic sing along as energy bounced around the room.
Isaac Gracie releases his debut, self-titled album on Friday 13th and it will definitely be an album to listen to.

Tickets for his remaining shows: HERE

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