Tue 6 Mar 2018

Review… Moose Blood at Manchester Academy 1


Moose Blood

+ The Dangerous Summer

@ Manchester Academy 1

3rd March 7pm

Catch their shows this month, tickets here.

 Moose Blood have been one of those bands that have floated under the radar for a few years. Only a few people in the rock community have known about them, kept them as their secret little band to listen to. However, Moose Blood have now raised their voices and made themselves known; with their 2016 UK tour completely selling out after signing to Hopeless Records (Sum 41, New Found Glory, The Used), they are back on the road again ahead of the release of their highly anticipated 3rd album, ‘I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore’ (available 9th March). They are also the cover stars of this week’s Kerrang! Magazine, a big deal for any name in rock.

 The Dangerous Summer are their main support for tonight at Manchester Academy. Forming in 2006, they took a 3-year hiatus between 2014 and 2017, and are now back with their new self-titled album available now.

 ‘What’s up Manchester, let’s do this!’ The Dangerous Summer explode onto the stage, warming up the crowd with classics such as ‘Fire’ and ‘Where I Want to Be’. I’d never heard of them before because they went on hiatus around the time I got into alternative rock, or ‘emo’ as the tabloids coined it. With lead singer AJ Perdomo’s gritty, snarling vocals and heavy use of bass, they’re serving as the band for young emo/punk-rock fans to idolise. Seeing as most bands from those genres from when I was a teenager have evolved or disappeared (yes, I mean you My Chemical Romance). It seems as though it’s still taking a little time for TDS to get back into performing live, but they are clearly so happy to share their new material and honoured to be touring with Moose Blood- ‘They’re our brothers from Hopeless Records’.

 A classic rock gig blackout-of-the-stage and ominous music paves the way for Moose Blood, who- bless them- are comically wrapped up in sweatshirts and hoodies. Unfortunately, the cold has crept its way in, with many people still in jackets, hats and scarves (myself included).
1 minute into opener ‘Have I Told You Enough’, and the crowd is already loving it. ‘Honey’ goes down just as sweetly, with the entire crowd singing along to the chorus at the top of their lungs. It’s a very catchy song, and clearly one loved so much by fans. Moose Blood are putting their souls into this gig tonight, delivering a night that will be so enjoyable for themselves as well as the audience. The unfortunate recent controversy doesn’t seem to have impacted the turnout tonight, with Manchester Academy being nearly packed out.
‘Took it too far, took it too far!’ yells Eddy Brewerton, as he looks out into the mass of jumping people during ‘Glow’. The loyal following that Moose Blood started with, seem to have stuck with them in their breakthrough to mainstream rock.

 ‘I can’t tell you how lovely it is to be here’, says Eddy, ‘We’re going to play a song that means the absolute world to me…this song’s called ‘Cherry’’. It’s a short but clearly emotional song about lost love, and has Eddy nearly choking up at the end.

 Moose Blood released a new song off their upcoming album yesterday, titled ‘Just Outside’. Tonight, they’re letting everyone in the Academy hear it live, which is a brave move for any band to do. You have no idea what the reaction will be. Luckily for Mood Blood, it gets screams of approval.

 ‘We can’t believe how many people are in this room, thank you so, so much’.

 Moose Blood have delivered an amazing set tonight, dishing out tune after tune, barely taking a breath in between. They have so much passion for their music and seem genuinely appreciative of everyone’s support, for sticking by them into this new era.

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