Mon 19 Mar 2018

Review… All Tvvins at Jimmy’s, Manchester


15th March 2018

From Dublin, All Tvvins are over halfway through their tour, which has featured dates in Germany, London and most recently at Jimmy’s in Manchester.

Support came from Day_S. The trio had an elaborate set up, using laptops and synthesisers (I’m not going to pretend I know a lot about the technology they used), but somehow made their performance look easy. Their electronically influenced sound has an up-beat vibes which moved through the room and engaged the audience. They closed with Last Night which lit up the room with pulsing sounds and vibrant lighting, it’s a song I would happily dance to. This set the mood for the rest of the night as the crowd waited for TVVINS.

A gripping opening to the set provided  an enticing introduction to the band. The group use bold electronic effects on their music which made the little venue feel one million times bigger. Continuing, the band carried on impressing the growing crowd. Although I hadn’t previously listened to TVVINS, there music sounded somewhat familiar- even though they have an experimental and unique sound. They take the best parts from each genre and mixed it together, composing something fresh which everyone is bound to enjoy. Still present, mixed in with all the effects, is the underlying importance of a good baseline and drum beat to carry the track. This, I think, is what made me enjoy the music so much. The band didn’t fail to interact with the room, so everyone felt involved and danced along to the music- even me!

Don’t forget to listen to the band online or go to watch one of their upcoming shows in Scotland or Ireland.

Liv X

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