Mon 26 Mar 2018

Introducing… Lo Moon


Lo Moon are an indie-pop trio based in Los Angeles, and have excelled at being the underground band everyone wants to know more about.

The group formed in 2016 when lead vocalist Matt Lowell moved from New York to L.A and met with bassist/keyboardist Crisanta Baker. After playing her a rough demo of their soon-to-be debut single ‘Loveless’, the band officially formed and guitarist Samuel Stewart was introduced to the mix. ‘Loveless’ spent four and a half years in the making before Lowell and his band mates eventually met to create the final version of the seven-minute-long track, which became a highlight of their debut album.

The demo itself brought about a lot of buzz for the band, bagging them a deal with Columbia Records and getting them on the radar of big-name producers and festival-bookers – all while being the band’s only release.

Their self-titled debut album was released in February this year, featuring ten sophisticated and atmospheric songs, which Lowell states represent hopefulness as a concept. DIY awarded it four stars, while describing it as “a towering debut”, while Variety applauded their use of “big crescendos and even bigger hooks”.

Lo Moon are on tour throughout the UK this May, ready to showcase how well their soft sounds project in a live setting, and they really aren’t ones to be missed.

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