Thu 22 Mar 2018

Interview with… FLING


We caught up with psych-pop glam-rockers FLING from Bradford before their upcoming shows in Manchester and London. Check out what they had to say below!

Who or what inspired your sound?

. Everything around us inspires our sound I guess, obviously the late greats like the Beatles an that, but mostly it’s just life an what happens around us.

What’s the story behind the character Banjo Billy?

The story is in the song. It came to us all simultaneously in a dream at a Fling sleepover, we all woke up singing it.

Some of your music videos are pretty unique – where do you get the ideas from?

Sometimes it’s the song, sometimes it’s a brainstorm of our ideas whilst chatting about videos really.

What can fans expect from your live shows?

Raucous fun and Charlie’s nipples

If you could be endorsed by any fashion brand, who would it be?


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