Mon 5 Feb 2018

Review… Yungblud at Jimmy’s Manchester


Yungblud at Jimmy’s Manchester

Words by: Oli Mitchell

On Friday night, Jimmy’s was unquestionably the place to be for Yungblud’s  takeover as part of Independent Venue Week.

The Zangwills

Opening up the night to the ever growing crowd, The Zangwills took the stage by storm. Playing songs such as New Heights, the band sports an ambient, upbeat sound- comprised of jangling lead riffs and smooth hooks from both guitar and bass. Displaying an almost 90s, indie-psychedelia sound, you are immediately drawn in, dancing along to the heart-beat rhythm provided by the drums. This goes hand in hand with the energy displayed by the band, while playing their buoyant and upbeat songs. You can listen to The Zangwills  here.

The Bright Black

Carrying on the infectious, grooving beats of the night. The Bright Black were the perfect choice as main support in the intimate venue. Performing their trademark funk, indie and soul infused sound, the room was bouncing to the likes of Colourful and Super Duper. The busy venue offered the band the chance to be right among the action as they progressed through their gripping set. The soulful beats and contagious basslines on tracks such as Scream and Skin On Skin. Are the perfect match to Travis’s  powerful vocals.

The band performed their new single, Midnight, which will be released on Facebook on February 16th yet in the meantime, you can listen to the band here.


Taking to a stage backed by a mural of graffiti- containing the names of previous cities played, ‘Manny‘ was the latest conquering of Yungblud on his latest tour. It’s safe to say, the crowd adored it. Dominic Harrison- aka Yungblud- has created a highly original sound which is a force to be reckoned with. Mixing ska and punk with the heartfelt lyrics like Jamie T and bars like the Beastie Boys. He opened the night with 21st Century Liability, an instantaneous hit with the crowd of all ages. From the very start, people were under the spell of Yungblud. With pounding bass going straight to your chest, coupled with strobes and the DIY feel- a party vibe was creates and the band were the best hosts imaginable.

Shying away from his machine-like drums and growling bass, the set was slowed down for the song Polygraph Eyes. Tackling serious issues, it demonstrates how he wants to use his platform as a person in the public eye for good. One of Yungblud’s greatest abilities is writing songs, such as Machine Gun, with melodic hooks that embed themselves in your head and are easy to sing along to, ultimately bringing the audience together as they chant back to the stage.

Showcasing a highly energetic performance from the offbeat, Yungblud performed a set that would be worthy of a venue 10 times the size. Yungblud should be seen to be believed.


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