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Review… Sea Girls at Deaf Institute Manchester


Sea Girls @ The Deaf Institute

8th February 2018

I say this every time I go but, The Deaf Institute is possibly my favourite venue of all time (or at least in Manchester). So I always jump at the opportunity to see any gig there, and more often than not it’s an amazing gig. Sea Girls was no exception to this rule.

Local band, Dantevilles are one I’ve seen a few times, and I think their electronic pop sound is fabulous. So you can imagine my excitement when I saw the line up. The quartet began with an intriguing backing track, that sounded like an old radio broadcast, followed by a long build up. Drawing in the unsuspecting audience before they began their set with the track, Perfect Place. They then performed the undeniable crowd pleaser Graffiti, the funk-like, up beat tones in this track are perfect for dancing to. Dantevilles closed with Daydreamer and definitely left the packed room wanting more.

Headliners, Sea Girls, opened with What For, a pop influenced track, definitely meeting the need of every indie-pop fan. The band have a lively sound and the whole room was moving and grooving from the start of the very first track. The buzzing atmosphere built, as each song grew, filling the venue. Lost is the perfect song for a sing along and the hooking line, “I’m a little lost, come and save me”, was eagerly chanted back by the crowd.

The four piece band continued with roaring, riff fuelled track, Eat Me Whole. Then slowed their set with Daisy Daisy, the song builds up to an energetic, chorus and incorporates a steady beat with mellow vocals. Sea Girls were interactive with the excited audience and the front-man came froward into the crowd several times. Call Me Out was another hit- my favourite of the night- the song is upbeat and featured prominent vocals with a powerful backing, which had the whole room going wild and letting their hair down. The dynamic group added an effective pause before going back into the chorus for a final time.

After a high demand from the room, Sea Girls came back on stage and performed fan favourite, Call Me Out, once more while the crowd went crazy.

The band filled the gorgeous venue with energy through the entirety of their passionate set. And I highly recommend them. I’m already keeping my eye out for future dates!

Olivia Kenny

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