Fri 9 Feb 2018

Review… Meat Wave at Gullivers Manchester


Meat WaveGullivers, Manchester

7th February 2018

Another day, another gig. Today was to be a promising night.

The support, Decibelles, were a French band. Although my sudden need to decipher the lyrics (speaking moderate french myself) was crushed by the realisation that I was at a loud punk show- and in any case language would not affect my understanding of the music. I was pleased to be introduced to a good French band, as I have often struggled to come across one. Two of the three members were girls, including a drummer on vocals, which I feel personifies cool and is giving a great representation within music.

Not long after this, Meat Wave were due to come on stage. Meat Wave are loud, fast and the roaring sound was expected and hoped for. The band are great and use drums, guitars and vocals to create an enthusiastic performance- this is a perfectly classic combination that brings a lot to their powerful music. The band have a good following on social media, with one of their most popular tracks being Brother, and one of my favourites, Delusion Moon. Everything about this track, down to the artwork- an interpretation of Pink Floyd’s famous Dark Side of The Moon cover- is great. The show triggered a response from all my senses and the overwhelming feeling of the noise and engaging lights that were placed on the stage was an influential one.

Meat Wave are very different live compared to their recording, even though the same quality is there, a live show brings out something new each time. Everyone was responding to the performance in their own way, driving me to enjoy the gig even more. Energy and movement was greatly present in the small venue, I have to say that the music did something for me. You could feel the vibrations of bass in a room and the band were giving off a fierce vibe, leading the  audience to undeniably feel their presence.


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