Mon 26 Feb 2018

Review… Husky Loops at The Deaf Institute


Husky Loops

The Deaf Institute, Manchester

What to do on a Friday? Of course, go to a gig! To kick off this weekend I went to see London based band, Husky Loops on their tour of the UK. They played at Manchester’s, The Deaf Institute with support from Chappaqua Wrestling and The Claremont’s.

The Claremont’s

The Claremont’s began. Room buzzing, crowd dancing, their bouncing tunes infuse funk inspired bass lines with raw lyrics. First up, I Don’t Wanna Talk To You Tonight, using perfectly danceable riffs coupled with a steady drum beat and pounding vocals. The whole room was already jumping and chanting “Claremont’s, Claremont’s” for the band. Continuing with memorable hooks and a easy to sing along lyrics, the venue carried on to bounce for the rest of the night. The band coupled rock influences and distorted guitars with prominent vocals- leaving any crowd wanting more.

Chappaqua Wrestling

Chappaqua Wrestling took to the stage at The Deaf Institute. The band had a bold start to their set with song, Plant Trees. Next they played Release Me, possibly one of my favourites of the set. Their tracks feature melodic instrumentals with electronic undertones and pronounced vocals. Their use of an acoustic guitar added a classical element to their music. The band interacted with each other and the audience, bouncing enthusiasm around the room. Their set only improved as it went on, before the band closed with Only You Could Know. I was quite surprised, upon first impressions, I didn’t think Chappaqua Wrestling would be for me, but they were actually a band I’d see again.

Husky Loops

Walking on stage to bleeping sirens, Husky Loops undeniably drew in the crowds attention. Next to come was grippingly right riffs, along with a pounding drum, bass and room-filling vocals. Husky Loops opening song, Tempo, had president electronic vibes. The three piece band performed with a drum machine to carry their music forward adding a synth sound to their tone, which when played along with the distorted guitars and booming drums sounded as if it could fill an arena sized space. More melodic,When I Come Home created a more gentle atmosphere in the room, this with the tuneful guitar was right up my street. Not only this, but the band looked like a band should- all dressed in dark black, contrasting the coloured background, they looked sleek and added an element of simplicity to the detailed music. The band introduced the audience to an unreleased track, Daft, it was electrifying and included fuzzing baselines and reverberating drums, they even had the room singing along by the end of the tune. The group knew what they were doing- or at least seemed like they did- their chemistry on stage bounced all over the room and created a connection between everyone at the intimate gig.

Husky Loops were another band who pleasantly surprised me, making them another band who I will be looking out for.

Liv X

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