Tue 9 Jan 2018

Introducing… HAUS


HAUS are fast becoming one of the most exciting and talked about bands in the

The Tottenham based 5-piece released the five-track Say What You See EP in June 2017 featuring tracks ‘Don’t Care Enough’, ‘Say What You Say’, ‘Gave You All’, ‘Levels’ and ‘Oblivion’. ‘Don’t Care Enough’ was accompanied by a provocative video and inspired by the election of Donald Trump as US President.

Over an epic, widescreen rush that sticks two fingers up to restrictions of genre as it dives, leaps and flips into uncharted waters, HAUS tackle notions of morality, life, belief and the tests of navigating your way through the pitfalls of the 21st century. In short, it’s music that matters. Initially working as a six-piece, HAUS began developing the musical telepathy that allows them to weave a myriad of divergent influences – everything from electronica, hip-hop, math-rock, post-punk and even metal – into their shape-shifting sound.

While initial recordings reflected the upbeat larking around of a group of mates
simply enjoying making music, it wasn’t until Mulimba stepped up to try his hand at vocals
one day that the dynamic fundamentally shifted. There was a move – as Mulimba self-deprecatingly puts it – “from major to minor”. Instantaneously, something clicked within the group, songs began pouring out a nd the depth, atmosphere and sheer scope of what they could create together vastly increased.

From there, everything began to rapidly grow. The band resisted the urge to jump into bed
with the increasing number of labels sniffing around them and instead became a self-sufficient unit.

Releasing tracks themselves that became instant online and word-of-mouth sensations and recruiting an army of fans via their jaw-dropping live shows. Support slots that blew the main acts off the stage, festival appearances where people literally couldn’t get into the tents because of the throngs of new HAUS converts filling the place… in little over a year they were headlining Camden’s KOKO. Not bad for a band that were technically unsigned.

What HAUS have built themselves so far is remarkable, and it’s only the beginning. As they
continue to take it up a level with every release who knows what they can achieve.

HAUS tickets available here
Facebook – /HAUS.band.UK
Twitter – @Haud_band
Instagram – @Haus_Band

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