Wed 22 Nov 2017

Review… Nina Nesbitt at Sound Control, Manchester


Words: Victoria Hicks

 Sound Control has had some pretty iconic names perform in its’ 450 capacity live room, bragging the likes of Scissor Sisters, Professor Green and Wu-Tang Clan to have played on their stage. Now, it is time for Scottish born singer-songwriter Nina Nesbitt to make her mark tonight. The room is already half packed out, with more excited people spilling through the doors every minute. I’m just nestled in the corner admiring the cute aesthetic of the vines intertwined around the microphones.

 Support act Goody Grace oozes that young-musician confidence, and whilst only being accompanied by his guitar and a backing track, his voice is clearly his main instrument. His song ‘Pretend’ gains a huge reaction from the crowd, and even though he’s only been onstage 15 minutes, the crowd are already lapping up all he has to offer. ‘Let’s have a party before I leave’, announces Goody Grace, as he swaggers across the stage during last song ‘Two Shots’, and just like that, his set is over, paving the way for the main event.

The turnout for Nina Nesbitt is incredible, with fans filling every inch of Sound Control, creating that well known atmosphere of anticipation that is unique to watching live music. Nina’s opening song ‘Sacred’ is hauntingly beautiful, with the stage lights and smoke swirling around her, she even looks in awe of herself.  ‘The Moments Are Missing’ is a song taken from her upcoming album, ‘It’s the song that made me realise I want to make another album’, states Nina, to an overwhelming reaction from the crowd. The song itself is about how fast all aspects of life are, and that sometimes you need to just take a step back and appreciate it more than we do. Nina is only 23, and already having such an influential and insightful impact.

‘I’m channelling my inner Britney tonight’, laughs Nina, before launching into clear fan-favourite ‘The Apple Tree’. Phones are suddenly out and the crowd forms as one, singing along. With nearly every song, Nina takes the time to connect with the audience, describing the meaning behind her songs. She doesn’t rush, just values the time she has with the audience. Throughout her set, Nina dominates the stage, with all eyes locked on her. Her voice is honestly something special, it’s so captivating, with similar tones to Selena Gomez. Nina’s connection with the audience tonight is something special, with her constant interactions- especially in ‘The Best You Had’- she easily gets the audience singing, cheering, making them become part of her show and not just onlookers.

Nina divides her time between focusing on her music and also writing for others, and song ‘Is It Really Me You’re Missing’ was initially intended for Rihanna: ‘Apparently she said it was beautiful’, Nina says, clearly so giddy and so full of pride at that kind of praise. So she should be, because tonight Nina has proven that she is an incredibly talented singer/songwriter and has the proper mind-set and stamina to showcase it when performing live. She puts so much heart and soul into each song. I have seen so many bands come onstage and just half care about their set, mumble the words and only notice the audience when it suites them.

As the gig is drawing to a close, Nina reveals that her final song ‘Somebody Special’, will be her next single, off her as-yet-untitled new album. It’s a feel-good song, about finding someone who makes you feel/be the best you can. It is always so good to finish a gig with a positive song, but Nina goes one step further tonight, getting the crowd involved in a massive sing-along, making everyone in the audience feel like somebody special.

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