Wed 15 Nov 2017

Review… Mahalia at Soup Kitchen, Manchester


Words: Lee Davis

It was an eager wait for the headline act to arrive on stage at Manchester’s Soup Kitchen, but when Mahalia appeared the audience were instantly a granted warm friendship and given an insight into her life and creative process.

In between tracks, Mahalia engaged with the audience explaining how her soft R&B numbers came to fruition. It was a joy to see such a homely presence on stage from a career holstered on the starting line. Despite stating she was nervous, there were no such signs from the Leicester born artist, evident in her vocals blanketing the rough interior of the sold out venue.

Mahalia managed to break down the hierarchy of being an artist on stage by treating the crowd as if they were family. We learned about when she first started writing music, to how she has grieved past relationships and how her current relationship came to light. As a member of the audience, it felt like we were on a journey with her, and we’re now part of it.

Her personality was fashionably displayed by wearing a full sequin dress, but further represented in her music. An effortless beat, layered with a funky bass and completed with a satin vocal. I look forward to following her journey as she continues to sell out shows.


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