Wed 8 Nov 2017

Review… Lucy Rose at RCM, Manchester


Words: Louis Barrett

The Royal Northern College of Music Theatre was the ideal venue for the likes of Charlie Cunningham and Lucy Rose as possibly my first ever seated gig I thoroughly enjoyed the relaxed living room like feel. The house lights were up displaying the audience to the acts and the sound of both filled the huge room perfectly.

Cunningham started the night with the soft, somber Spanish tones of his nylon stringed guitar. The fact he managed to captivate the audience with just this and his echoing vocals was truly remarkable. The room was silent as he made acoustic renditions of his well-known tracks such as ‘Minimum’ and ‘Lights Off’ seem more powerful than if he had a full band behind him. The awkward charm of which he had on stage gave a great introduction to the headliner.

I first heard of Lucy Rose back when she did work with Bombay Bicycle Club and since then she has certainly come into her own with her solo career. Having released her new album ‘Somethings Changing’ back in July I was looking forward to hearing the arrangements live.  Mixing harp and live strings into her sound added layers of texture and gave for a much fuller sound. Third song from the album ‘Strangest of Ways’ proved she was able of sustaining an upbeat bouncing feel to her music. Hidden under her huge blonde fringe came elegant and graceful vocals which were made clear in standout track of the new album ‘Floral Dresses’. She then goes on to explain how Greek god of fates ‘Moirai’ influenced her music and proceeded to slate him. The full set up of the alternating band members worked well although she played two songs solo giving the audience a feel of her original more simplistic style.

 Lucy Rose knows her music affects her audience in different ways and is aware most of the time it’s due to something bad happening in their lives. However the fact she acknowledges this and almost embraces it gives a maturity and edge to her performance. Claiming she had written a song called ‘I can’t change it all’ for a guy she had met whilst traveling Latin America you could only describe her as humble and heartwarming.  Finishing with an energizing encore in which most of the room was stood up she ended her hour and a half long set with ‘Like An Arrow’ which left everyone thoroughly satisfied.

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