Mon 4 Sep 2017

Review… Deap Vally at Ruby Lounge, Manchester


Words by Olivia Kenny @IndieRocksUK

The Californian rock duo Deap Vally appeared for a sold out gig at Ruby Lounge On Wednesday night. The band have been travelling and this was the final of their UK tour dates.

Support came from Manchester based girl band Pins. The group have a large local following and they undoubtedly helped to draw in a crowd on the night, their album Bad Thing is available to listen to online and you can also purchase a hard copy. Their hard hitting sound took over the venue and set the night rolling.

Deap Vally have a heavy sound, it reminded me of a more modern take on heavy metal. One of the first things I noticed when I walked in to the venue was the mixture of different people in the audience, the band appeal to a wide range fans from all over. Despite music is quite different from what I usually go to see live, I really enjoyed the energy and the vibes it spread through the venue. The duo also have a very bold appearance which added to the intense feel of their music and created excitement in the venue. The group performed both old and new tracks and included one of their most popular songs ‘Baby I Call Hell’ which lifted the atmosphere further and everyone got involved. As the set came to an end the room were chanting for more so the duo came back on stage and treated the crowd to another couple of tracks and everyone was having a fab time as the band and audience bounced energy off one another.

If you’re a fan of heavier music and are looking for something new you should have a listen to Deap Vally, they have two albums, the most recent titled ‘Femejism’, and a number of singles. The two piece give off great energy when live but this is also heard in their recorded track and there isn’t many other bands like them out there.

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