Mon 4 Sep 2017

Interview with… Jordan Allen


2017 has definitely been Jordan Allen’s year, from their sold out headline shows to winning Virgin Radio’s #FreshFest competition. We caught up with the Boltonian ahead of thier gig supporting The Sherlocks in September…

When did you first start making music?
I started out as an acoustic artist in 2012 after being inspired to learn guitar when I was 14, watching an early Courteeners Show at XFM Winter Wonderland in 2007. Then started writing when I was 17 at college and I dished out some scratchy demo’s of terrible tunes to my mates on the bus, most of which probably got binned, but a few of my mates still have them actually.

Who is your biggest influence?
Probably the trio of Bowie, Lou Reed and Iggy Pop have been most influential, but bands like Franz Ferdinand, The Streets and The Hives which I grew up around have also been really important to developing our sound. My music taste these days is genre spanning, my vinyl collection consists everything from 70’s Disco, to Garage, to Reggae, depends on what mood I’m in…

What was your first gig?
I got taken to a McFly gig at M.E.N when I was 13, not consensually may I add. I was bribed with Pokemon Cards.

What is your favourite song to play live?
Rosie for sure as people really just seem to respond to it. Even when I played the first chord in Manchester last week the crowd sang the entire fist verse back to me. It’s insane to get that kind of reaction to a song that isn’t even a single … yet.

What is your favourite album of all time?
Transformer – Lou Reed

Who would you most like to collaborate with?
Mike Skinner, one the most talented lyricists of all time in my opinion…

Have you ever met someone that’s made you feel starstruck?
Shaun Ryder, I bowled over all confident in a pub behind our studio and then I couldn’t actually get my words out. I ended up looking a bit of a mug.

What has been your favourite song this year?
III Ray (The King) – Kasabian

What should people expect at one of your gigs?
Flamingo’s, Tambourines and Carnage…

If you could choose anything to be on your rider, what would it be?
A Big Bottle of Kraken rum or any rum. We love rum and/ or Wetherspoons vouchers… ❤

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